COVID-19 Policy


At Scarlet Fever Pole Studio we have implemented the below social distancing policy to stop the spread of COVID19. All students and instructors should abide by this guidance.

  • Before attending the studio please familiarise yourself with the new policies and procedures.
  • Please arrive at the studio only 5 minutes before your class, this will allow the previous class to exit and time for our team to clean the studio.
  • Please adhere to the 2 metre social distancing from others
  • Please line up outside on the stairs remaining socially distant from fellow class mates until your instructor opens the door
  • As you enter the pole studio please make your way to a free piece of equipment (pole) and stand next to it
  • Your wing span around your pole is your alloctaed space, please be aware of this space and stay within it
  • Do not cross over into another pupils space at any point during a class.
  • Our dressing room will be closed. Please come to the studio with minimal attire, small bags and shorts on under your leggings. If for any reason a pupil needs a larger area to store belongings the dressing room will be made available but only one at a time must enter to store items. Please do not bring non essential items into the studio.
  • Please make sure you leave with all belongings, including water bottles as bins will not be available to use in the studio.
  • Face coverings are not maditory but can be worn by anyone if they feel it is necessary (it is not advised to wear one during strenuous exercise) Instructors will wear face coverings if they are spotting pupils
  • Poles should be cleaned down by students after use with cloths provided by instructor and then disposed of in our laundry hamper.
  • Please do not wander around the studio. Hand sanitiser will be brought to you to use before you touch equipment. In the event that cash is being paid the same rule applies your instructor will come to you to collect.
  • Pupils may bring their own small cloths to wipe hands etc but must not use these to clean the poles
  • Hoop pupils will remain socially distant around the circumference of the room with a maximum of 4 pupils and one instructor. Hoop pupils will each be given slighlty more time on the hoop and then hoop plus mat will be cleaned between every use.